What are the judging criteria and schedule? – Summit Awards

What are the judging criteria and schedule?

Summit Creative Award: Submissions are judged on strength of concept, quality of execution and ability to persuade. Respected creative professionals with a depth of industry experience sit on three judging panels: Design, Broadcast and Interactive Media. The Creative Award employs blind judging: company names are withheld. Judging takes place in June/July. All entrants are notified of award results electronically in late-July, and winners are mailed a winner packet.

Each category employs slightly different judging criteria, however, broadly, the following is the SCA judging criteria:

The strength of Concept/Ideation/Big Idea (originality and uniqueness of approach, message targeting and honing, the synergy between concept, copy and layout/execution) 1-20 pts. Quality of Execution (How well the idea was executed (visual appeal, the tone of voice, chosen media, placement, etc.) 1-10 pts. Ability to Persuade (How well did the creative move the target audience closer to the action or a encourage a change in thoughts) 1-10 pts. Judges Power Points (used at the discretion of judges to boost certain submission which they identify as exemplary) – 0-10 pts.