What are the different levels of winning? – Summit Awards

What are the different levels of winning?

What are the levels of winning and how many awards are given in the SCA competition?

  • Best of Show
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The number of awards presented each year in the Creative Awards depends on the number of submissions in a given category, scoring range and ties.

According to the SIA bylaws, there can be no more than the following:

  • 79-85% of all submissions do not receive recognition.
  • 7-9% Bronze
  • 6-8% Silver
  • 1-3% Gold  No Gold will be given in the event entries do not meet minimum scoring qualifications.
  • Best of Show awards are determined from eligible, competing Gold-winning entries: Print, Design, Broadcast, Industry Specific Marketing, Interactive Media, Industry Self-promotion, Public Service and Campaign. Occasionally there will be a Judges Choice special recognition bestowed.

In order to ensure impartiality, the awards scores on a curve with minimum standard requirements. Percentage models, or stair-step scoring systems, (100-90, 89-80) are not considered to be reputable evaluation systems by the Summit International Awards.

The 2017 year there were approximately 7% Finalist, 4% bronze, 6% silver, 2% gold, .01 Best of Show/ Judge’s Choice.
The 2018 year there were approximately 1% finalist, 4% bronze, 5% silver, 1% gold, .005 Best of Show/Judge’s Choice.
The 2019 year there were approximately 5% bronze, 5% silver, 1.25% gold, .005 Best of Show.