What are the different levels of winning? – Summit Awards

What are the different levels of winning?

What are the levels of winning and how many awards are given in the SCA competition?

  1. Best of Show
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze
  5. Finalist

The number of awards presented each year in the Creative Awards depends on the number of submissions in a given category, scoring range and ties.

According to the SIA bylaws, there can be no more than the following:

  • 79-85% of all submissions do not receive recognition.
  • 7-9% Bronze
  • 6-8% Silver
  • 1-3% Gold  No Gold will be given in the event entries do not meet minimum scoring qualifications.
  • Best of Show awards are determined from eligible, competing Gold winning entries: Print, Design, Broadcast, Industry Specific Marketing, Interactive Media, Industry Self-promotion, Public Service and Campaign. Occasionally there will be a Judges Choice special recognition bestowed.
  • In order to ensure impartiality, the awards scores on a curve with minimum standard requirements. Percentage models, or stair-step scoring systems, (100-90, 89-80) are not considered to be reputable evaluation systems by the Summit International Awards.

The 2017 year there were approximately 7% Finalist, 4% bronze, 6% silver, 2% gold, .01 Best of Show/ Judge’s Choice.
The 2018 year there were approximately 1% finalist, 4% bronze, 5% silver, 1% gold, .005 Best of Show/Judge’s Choice.