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Off-continent Shipping

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General: This item is most often used for off-continent trophy shipping. Use pull down menu to select the shipping amount you were given after contact us.

Details: Winners are located all over the globe. As a result, shipping rates for trophies vary greatly. To receive a pass-through shipping rate, email us with what you wish to order ( Once you hear from us, return here and choose the item we've made for you. Then add it to your cart. You will see there is an additional $5 added for our manufacturer to complete custom's paperwork on winner's behalf.

Shipping Quote: Please contact us PRIOR to placing your order for an exact shipping quote. Late arriving arriving shipping will delay order.

  • SCA Crystal - 14lbs - FedEx
  • SCA Composite - 4lbs - USPS
  • MEA Marble Dart - 8lbs - FedEx
  • EMA Orb - 9lbs - FedEx

* For all off-continent shipping our manufacturers charges an additional $5.00 per item fee for customs papers, packaging & handling separate from shipping costs.

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