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Summit Awards – Login

Existing Registrants:

If you’ve already registered, simply log in and click the purple “Enter Award” button on top of the navigation bar. You will be redirected to our awards platform where you can start an entry straight away.

New Registrants:

1.  Use the following form to get registered.

To enter the awards, simply register, log in, and then click the purple “Enter Award” button on top of the navigation. You will then be redirected to the Summit Award Entry Platform where you can start your first entry.

When registering, do not use numbers in your username. If numbers are used, it is assumed it is a robot user and will be deleted straight away. Additionally, if your email domain does not populate a website, your user will also be deleted. Yes, robots are everywhere spreading destruction.

2.  Go to and register manually.
The account you create in our awards platform will need to be validated (via email) before you can start an entry.