Past MEA Awards Listings – Summit Awards

Past MEA Awards Listings

wdt_ID Company Year Award Metal Category Entry Client City State Country
1 Auburn University 2014 MEA Platinum Award Website website for CLASS ROLL app Oneway Studio Auburn AL USA
2 National Bank of Arizona 2014 MEA Silver Award Financial Arizona Business Today National Bank of Arizona Phoenix AZ USA
3 Honeywell Aerospace 2015 MEA Silver Award Website Performance Accelerator Honeywell Aerospace Phoenix AZ USA
6 Bhava Communications 2013 MEA Silver Award Integrated-Mixed Media-Ad Campaign Cloud Identity Summit Marketing Campaign Bhava Communications Emeryville CA USA
7 Geary LSF 2013 MEA Platinum Award Website Geary LSF BeeWell For Life Website Redesign Bumble Bee Foods San Diego CA USA
8 EFM 2013 MEA Platinum Award Collateral Materials - Business to Consumer EFM AGENCY Sony Demo Application San Diego CA USA
9 Mahalo Digital Inc 2014 MEA Silver Award Business to Business – Collateral Materials Future of Storage Sales Kit EMC San Anselmo CA USA
10 CraneMorley Inc. 2014 MEA Silver Award Interactive Media Technology on the Service Drive Hyundai Long Beach CA USA
11 TMD 2014 MEA Silver Award Education Marketing Hartnell Annual Report Hartnell College Salinas CA USA
12 STARMEN Design Group 2014 MEA Platinum Award Website Anoush Catering Anoush Catering Los Angeles CA USA
Company Year Award Metal Category Entry Client City State Country