Kathleen McCulloch Ph.D. – Summit Awards

Kathleen McCulloch Ph.D.

Katheleen McCulloch Ph.D.

New York University – PORTLAND

KC has a doctorate in psychology from New York University. Her main areas of expertise are implicit social cognition and self-regulation. Her research is centered upon investigating the mechanisms underpinning nonconscious and conscious goal pursuit.

This research takes into consideration how people process social information and take advantage of opportunities present in the environment in order to make decisions and act upon their goals, albeit often in a nonconscious manner. In other words, she looks at why and how people do what they do when they are largely unaware of what they are doing. KC’s work has been published in books and scholarly journals and she has presented her research at numerous psychological conferences and at the annual conference of The Association for Consumer Research. KC is currently a professor at Idaho State University teaching classes in persuasion, attitudes, and propaganda. This fall she moves to a prestigious appointment at Lancaster University in England to further her research and teach in the field of goal pursuit.