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EMA Publicity Tools

Association with the prestige of the Summit Emerging Media Award competition is press-worthy and garners media exposure. We are committed to helping winners make the most of their success and invite them to use the below media tools to publicize their win through various media and social networks.

Organizational Logos:

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Press questions: call 1-503-297-9979 or e-mail: sia@summitawards.com



 Press Releases:

Sample Press Release – (2017 version out shortly) Leading the Way, Firm Recognized in Top International Emerging Media Award.

Winner’s Icons (Must link to https://www.summitawards.com)

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Summit Awards winners, judges, press and permitted project contributors/participants are welcome to use the publicity tools. Unauthorized use is expressly forbidden and will be considered a fraud infringement in violation of the Summit Award’s trademarks and copyrights.