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Bookmark and/or print this page for future reference. Two months following the winner notification, it will be password protected. PW: 2018emawinner.

Congratulations 2018 Summit Emerging Media Award Winners

Winners’ Results – Log in to your Summit Awards Platform account. This is where you made your original submissions. Because we received thousands of entries with even more thousands of uploads, we host this function on a separate, lighting fast server. You can tell the difference because the URL will read

Winning Levels – When a submission achieves award status, judges recognize it with a Leader Award,  Innovator Award or Visionary Award (equivalent to bronze, silver, and gold). Winning status is bestowed on only 8.5% of the submissions.


Winning Entry Galleries The Summit Award’s Winner Galleries are up-to-date with the inclusion of its 2018 Emerging Media Award winners.

Winner Search Directory The Summit Awards search directory is being updated with the addition of this year’s winners.

Trophies and Certificates – Winners may purchase custom-made trophies and vellum certificates. Trophies and certificates are an excellent way to thank clients, reward members of your creative team, and to physically celebrate your achievement and success. To order trophies and certificates, visit the store section of the awards’ site.

Publicity Tools – We encourage you to publicize your company’s achievements in social media and other local business networks. To aid in these efforts, the Summit Awards provides marketing tools – press templates, logos, winner seal, web-medallions and trophy graphics. In order to access your winner’s tools, you must first log in to the Summit Awards website.

Social Exposure – The Summit Awards will magnify your buzz so join our extensive networks. Be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest so we can receive alerts and retweet, share, forward, etc.


Association – Winners are welcome to use the Summit Award’s name, logo, icons, and trophy graphics in their promotional efforts, however, be sure to correctly link to the award’s main website. To request a quote for use in your company’s promotional materials, email a draft to winner @ for prior authorization.

New Winner Microsites – The Summit Awards is the only recognition organization that offers winners their own user-controlled, Summit Awards-hosted website profile. These profiles are rich with features including portfolio linking, image gallery-hosting and a built-in WYSIWYG editor for easy control and updating. These are proven successful promotional tools. The back-end controls are robust with an SEO manager and a meta tag generator to increase search engine ranking. Additionally, creating a winner profile is an opportunity to benefit from free publicity thanks to the high volume of traffic on the Summit Award’s website.

Participants – There were nearly 1,200 submissions in the 2018 Summit Emerging Media Award, coming from 11 countries: Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, India, Kuwait, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Board of Judges We would like to extend a thank you to those serving on this year’s Summit Award judging panels. These discriminating professionals volunteered their time to scrutinizing submissions and without their dedication and hard work, the awards would not hold the prestige it enjoys today.

Verification – The Summit Awards provides digital verification of your winning achievement. To access, log in to the Summit Awards platform, download, and print.


Summit International Awards This US-based organization, pilots three separate awards – the Summit Creative Award, Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, and the Summit Emerging Media Award. It is not tied to an advertiser, magazine, trade association, ad club or other outside influence. The Summit Awards is independent, and international in its scope, and focuses on identifying superior creative and effective marketing. It conducts impartial, ‘blind’ judging events and, once completed, recognizes, celebrates and promotes creative, effective marketing on behalf of winning companies and individuals. Its judging process is impartial and free from outside influences. It withholds both the names of the judges and entrants throughout the entire evaluation process. This anonymity shelters all involved from any vested interest that may attempt to influence the award’s outcome.

In accordance with our bylaws, the Summit Awards limits the number of winning entries. Period. This capping of awards ensures your win remains a coveted-honor.

Over the past 25-years, the Summit Awards has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative and marketing excellence. Being recognized by the Summit Awards brings prestige and additional value. Winning provides validation of exceptional work and functions as a respected industrywide critique. This honor can also aid in efforts to attract new accounts; reinforce relationships with clients; reward employees, partners, and subcontractors; and motivate team members.

Summit Emerging Media Award – The Summit Emerging Media Award fulfills the need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation and those pushing the bounds of excellence in all forms of emerging and digital media. Traditionally, marketing creativity has focused strictly on the big idea. Today, communication needs to break new ground – to keep up with an ever-increasing pace. This award is for the marketers, coders, designers, developers, innovators, visionaries and leaders in the exciting new realms of advertising and marketing communications. It offers recognition for introducing new methods, directing and helping to set the pace for emerging media, and demonstrating excellence on the web, through apps, analytics, videos, microsites, and social media.

Today, many businesses and entrepreneurs are facing the challenges of an increasingly global economy and a do-it-yourself marketplace. While many have invested in initiatives to maintain stability or to grow, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate their company’s beneficial differences.

Recognition of your company by the Summit Awards helps it stand out from the crowd. Winning is not an easy feat. Winning not only provides validation and an objective critique, but it also comes with special opportunities to showcase your creative excellence – publicity, hosted business profiles, trophies, vellum certificates, and digital verification. These benefits are instrumental in helping achieve winner’s business goals of attracting new accounts; reinforcing relationships with existing clients; rewarding employees, partners and subcontractors; and motivating creative team members.



Winning is different

Recognition of your company by the Summit Awards helps it stand out from the crowd because winning is not an easy feat. For the last 25 years, in accordance with our bylaws, the Summit Awards continues to limit the number of winning entries. This capping of awards ensures your win remains a coveted-honor. Additionally, it provides an objective critique and validation of your team’s success. These benefits are instrumental in helping you achieve your business goals of attracting new accounts; reinforcing relationships with existing clients; rewarding employees, partners and subcontractors; motivating creative team members; and attracting new talent.

Why winning matters

Today, many businesses and entrepreneurs are facing the challenges of an increasingly global economy and a do-it-yourself marketplace. While many have invested in initiatives to maintain stability or to grow, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate your company’s beneficial differences.


How many countries participated this year? 10 countries

How many categories are there? 35

How many entries competed? There were 1174 creative submissions.

Level of Awards – Winning entries received the rank of Leader, Innovator, or Visionary (equivalent to bronze, silver, and gold).

How selective is winning? This year there were approximately 4% Leader, 4% Innovator, 1% Visionary.

What are the judging criteria? Each category employs slightly different judging criteria. Broadly, the following are the Summit EMA judging criteria:

Method – Uniqueness, audience reach, and strategy 1-25 pts.
Innovation – Big idea/creativity, concept, and content, visual design/creativity, graphical user interface, interaction design/functionality, user experience 1-25 pts.
Information – Marketing message integration, and audience and user appeal 1-25 pts.

Who can order an award trophy or vellum certificate? Leader, Innovator and Visionary winners, clients, and creative team members are eligible to order trophies.

Do I have to purchase an award trophy to be a winner? Absolutely not; trophies are a privilege but not required. Once you are a winner, you have won. Take advantage of all of the benefits of being a winner: bragging rights, winner-controlled web profiles, publicity tools and association with the quarter-century-old Summit Awards. However, those who want bling, we have it. 

What competitions are conducted by the Summit International Award? The SIA organization conducts three competitions annually:

  • The Summit Creative Award (SCA) – Recognizes creative excellence in companies and individuals with billing under $30 million. Includes all media and industries.
  • The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA) – A unique competitive arena where the judging criteria are based on the true purpose of marketing communications; to influence the consumer’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. Creative samples and a short brief are included in the evaluation.
  • The Summit Emerging Media Award (EMA) – Created to identify the world’s communication pioneers. Those pushing the bounds of the communication badlands. All forms of emerging media are explored and examined.



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