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Winner Microsites

Another benefit of being an award winner – Summit Awards-hosted Microsites.

The Summit Awards is the only recognition organization that offers winners their own user-controlled, Summit Awards-hosted website profile. These profiles are rich with features including portfolio linking, image gallery-hosting and a built-in WYSIWYG editor for easy control and updating. These are a proven successful promotional tool. The back-end controls are robust with an SEO manager and a meta tag generator to increase search engine ranking. Additionally, creating a winner profile is an opportunity to benefit from free publicity thanks to the high volume of traffic on the Summit Award’s website.

Microsites are hosted by the Summit Awards, however, we ask our winners to update their profiles at least once a year to ensure information is accurate and current. Stale microsites may be deactivated.

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26FIVE Global Lab 2019 Summit Creative Award wins for iBASIS and Hanu
Winner Business Name: 26FIVE Global Lab
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: 26FIVE is a consultancy and global creative lab engineered to create, cultivate, and curate brands for growth and greatness.
Country: United States
Cancer Assassin: Killer TCell Attacks Cancer Cell
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Cynthia Turner and Edmond Alexander create original images
for the pharmaceutical, biomedical technology and healthcare industries. They specialize
in synthesizing complex information into accurate visual science with clarity and visual impact.
Country: US
Andy Dunmire
Winner Business Name: Andy Dunmire
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Award-Winning Brand and User Experience Design
Country: USA
Apostle digital
Winner Business Name: Apostle digital
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Kick ass video content & post production partner
Country: Australia
Art Fresh Self-Promotion Campaign
Winner Business Name: Art Fresh
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Art Fresh is a multi-award winning full-service branding agency based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. We build brands and manage them. We create brands that transform businesses to reveal their individuality, uniqueness and value to a consumer. Based on over 20 years of successful and versatile experience working with both small and medium-sized businesses and large international corporations in the European and American markets, our team has the knowledge to work effectively with all types of businesses to achieve their goals. As our creative portfolio demonstrates, we believe that great ideas cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment.
Country: Canada
Winner Business Name: Chewy Designs™
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Chewy Designs is an award winning graphic design studio located in Edmonton, Alberta specializing in logo design and branding for new, small & startup businesses in the Edmonton area.
Country: Canada
The office of Citizen Dane, right in the center of Copenhagen
Winner Business Name: Citizen Dane
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Citizen Dane is a market leader in Denmark within corporate films
Country: Danmark
Town of Taber Memorial Gardens Mapping and Row Marker Project
Winner Business Name: CMG Design & Communication
Award Winner:
Short Business Description: Graphic Designer / Art Director / Web Designer
Country: Canada