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Advertisers and their agents are pivoting quickly and adjusting their marketing strategies. Messaging is delicate, turnaround is fast, but the need is paramount. These categories are for creative entries that, either overtly or covertly, address the market during the Coronavirus pandemic. Segmented by Single or Campaign, Business audience or Consumer, Image and Doing Business Differently. Inclusive of all media and industries.

– Coronavirus – B2B, Single Entry
– Coronavirus – B2B, Campaign Entry
– Coronavirus – Consumer, Single Entry
– Coronavirus – Consumer, Campaign Entry
– Coronavirus – Image/Positioning
– Coronavirus – Doing Business Differently


Audience Specific Marketing, also referred to as Generational Marketing, is a marketing approach that uses generational segmentation in marketing communication. Entries compete alongside entries targeting a specific demographic and psychographic group. Age ranges are approximate.

– Baby Boomer (1944 -1964)
– Generation X (1965 -1979)
– Millennial (1980 -1994)
– Generation Z (1995 -2015)


  • Summit Creative Award

    May 31, 2021 Entry Deadline
  • Marketing Effectiveness Award

    August, 27 2021 Entry Deadline
  • Emerging Media Award

    October 29, 2021 Entry Deadline

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  • Andrew Oleson | Owner
    I'm so proud of my team. I know the work they do is exceptional, and seeing it put against other agency work, run through the gauntlet, and still come out with a win speaks volumes.
    Andrew Oleson | Owner
    PDG + creative
  • John Trest | Chief Learning Officer
    We are honored to be recognized by the Summit Creative Awards. Winning an award such as this shows our team’s dedication to creating the highest quality content in the industry.
    John Trest | Chief Learning Officer
    Inspired eLearning
  • Elizabeth Fox | Co-founder
    It is an honor to be designated a Leader in the Emerging Media Awards. We appreciate that Summit recognizes our commitment to finding innovative ways to connect women to great businesses in their communities.
    Elizabeth Fox | Co-founder
  • Arturo Schwartzberg | Cofounder and Chairman
    Creativity and innovation are embedded in SweetRush’s DNA. We constantly feel the need to reinvent ourselves and not just keep up with the constantly evolving uses of media for learning and development, but to actually push the envelope ourselves. Receiving an award that recognizes and celebrates that tells us we’re moving in the right direction and creating innovative solutions for our clients.
    Arturo Schwartzberg | Cofounder and Chairman
  • Debi Burrows | Head Storyteller and Strategist
    Winning a Summit Creative Award is an exciting accomplishment with vetted judges, tough criteria, and the blind judging processes. We are ecstatic to have been chosen for this prestigious international award.
    Debi Burrows | Head Storyteller and Strategist
    Penguin Suits
  • Lara August | Owner
    We are honored to receive this level of international recognition. So many other marketing and advertising awards are entirely subjective. The Summit MEAs are different because winners are selected based on results, which is also how we evaluate the effectiveness of the work we do for our clients.
    Lara August | Owner
    Robot Creative
  • Kevin Hourigan | President and CEO
    Winning a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is a serious accomplishment requiring demonstration of proven results.
    Kevin Hourigan | President and CEO
    Bayshore Solutions
  • Josh London | Chief Marketing Officer
    Winning a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is wonderful recognition of the successful work we’ve done to develop new branding that truly reflects IDG’s strengths globally.
    Josh London | Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stephanie Crockett | Senior Vice President
    We’re honored to receive a Silver Summit Award and elated that our work is being celebrated by our clients and the industry.
    Stephanie Crockett | Senior Vice President
    Eric Mower + Associates
  • Nicole Hanusek | Owner
    We are honored to accept this award, as it is a culmination of all of our hard work as a team. Go, team!
    Nicole Hanusek | Owner
    Smack Happy Design
  • Vintage Foster | President
    This was our first time winning a Summit Creative Award. We’re extremely honored to be awarded, for the competition in this awards program runs deep.
    Vintage Foster | President
    AMF Media Group

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