• Consumer Campaign - Regional/National
    Diamond Integrated Marketing

    Diamond Integrated Marketing / Toronto, Ontario - Canada

    Title: "#TDThanksYou 'Then and Now'" - Campaign Best of Show


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  • Entertainment Interactive Media


    Turbulent / Montreal, Ontario - Canada

    Title: "Starmap" - Interactive Media Best of Show


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  • Food/Beverage Commercial

    Derby / New York, NY - USA

    Title: "Hydration Magic" - Broadcast Best of Show


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  • Industry Self-Promotion Campaign

    Industry Self-Promotion Campaign / San Francisco, CA - USA

    Title: "Actual Reality Headsets" - Industry Self-Promotion Best of Show


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  • Education

    lookthinkmake / Austin, TX - USA

    Title: "Texas Executive Education: The Bigger Picture" - Industry Specific Marketing Best of Show


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  • B-to-B Trade Campaign
    Ogilvy Montreal

    Terrain Ogilvy / Montreal, Ontario - Canada

    Title: "Trading with the World" - Print Best of Show


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  • Outdoor Campaign
    C&B Advertising

    C&B Advertising / Calgary, Alberta - Canada

    Title: "Raise Your Bar Outdoor Campaign" - Judges Choice Award


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  • Collateral Redesign
    Overdrive Design Limited

    Overdrive Design Limited / Toronto, Ontario - Canada

    Title: "Heather & Little — Custom Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors" - Redesign/Rebrand Best of Show


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  • B-to-B Logo
    Yield Branding

    Yield Branding / Toronto, Ontario - Canada

    Title: "150Alliance Identity" - Design Best of Show


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FAQs - Summit Creative Award
  1. Register (both new and prior-year entrants).
  2. Start adding entries (auto-saves as you go).
  3. Submit entry. Move on to next submission.
  4. Checkout.

What are the levels of winning and how many awards are given in the SCA competition?

There are four levels of winning:

  1. Best of Show
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Bronze

The number of awards presented each year in the Creative Awards depends on the number of submissions in a given category, the scoring range and the number of ties.

According to the award's bylaws there can be no more than the following:

  • 79-85% of all submissions do not receive recognition.
  • 7-9% Bronze
  • 6-8% Silver
  • One gold is awarded in each category unless there is a tie. No gold will be given in the event entries do not meet minimum scoring qualifications.
  • Best of Show awards are determined from eligible, competing gold winning entries: Print, Design, Broadcast, Industry Specific Marketing, Interactive Media, Industry Self-promotion, Public Service and Campaign. Occasionally there will be a Judges Choice special recognition bestowed.

Judging begins late April and continues through May. Entrants are notified of award results electronically, and winners are sent a congratulatory packet by standard mail in mid-June.

The Summit International Awards (SIA) organization is dedicated to furthering excellence in the communications industry. It administers three distinguished award competitions throughout the year with the goal of raising the awareness of companies and individuals who have the creative and marketing talent to go beyond the ordinary.

The SIA is the oldest and most prestigious organization conducting an award exclusively for firms with limited billings. For over two decades, its Creative Award has established itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative and communication excellence. Using stringent evaluation criteria and blind judging processes, its competitions reward only those firms whose work exemplifies the best in its class.

Our organization stands apart by offering a true competitive environment where entries are judged alongside those of their peers, and makes its competitions affordable and accessible to the industry by offering multiple entry discounts, streamlined internet submissions and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Companies from all over the world invest their promotional dollars for the opportunity to be recognized as a Summit International Award winner.

All three of the SIA competitions have a similar process in terms of judging flow. All entries are numbered, categorized, tested/reviewed and prepared jury panels. Should an entry be recognized with an award we reserve the right to publish on the SIA site to promote the caliber of winning work. All works, are destroyed approximately 3-weeks following each competition’s winner announcement. We wait a few weeks should a winner have a problem in remembering which submission was submitted.

Special Circumstances: Occasionally, the SIA receives submissions with special content or privacy issues: intellectual property, pre-published content, training programs, etc. During these situations, we are notified of the need for a ‘black out’ and we tag the submission both physically as well as in our database with a special 'privacy' tag.

Our Director has at times signed a mutual non-disclosure as have our judges depending on the specifics of the jury. We can not accept creative samples, in these circumstances, via emailed if they are in this category because email is not considered secure. The SIA's mail-in and online entry process prevents an entry from being inadvertently exposed before, during and after the announcement should it be chosen an award winner. All entries are destroyed directly after judging.

There are two places on the SIA website which allow a visitor to login and give the logged-in user certain abilities.


1. The top of each page - This is a login exclusively for winners whom are building their winner profiles.

Summit Awards   HOME LOGIN


2. The Summit Award's Online Entry/Store - This is the login which allows entrants and winners to either enter an SIA award or order a trophy/certificate. It connects the user to a secured on-line store. 

Winner Merchandise   Summit Awards

The SIA organization conducts three competitions annually:

The Summit Creative Award (SCA) - Recognizes creative excellence in companies and individuals with billing under $30 million. Includes all media and industries.

The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA) - A unique competitive arena where the judging criteria is based on the true purpose of marketing communications; to influence the consumer’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. Creative samples and a short brief are included in the evaluation.

The Summit Emerging Media Award (EMA) - Created to identify the world's communication pioneers. Those pushing the bounds of the communication badlands. All forms of emerging media are explored and examined.

The SIA has received submissions for all seven continents and the following countries. 

Australia Austria Bahrain Bulgaria Canada
China Colombia Croatia Denmark England
Estonia France Germany Greece Hong Kong
India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Kuwait Latvia Lithuania
Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Bangladesh Nepal
New Zealand Northern Ireland Pakistan Philippines Puerto Rico
Russia Singapore Singapore Slovenia South Africa
Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand The Netherlands
Ukraine Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States
Venezuela Vietnam West Indies Yugoslavia

All three of the awards are conducted by The Summit International Awards (SIA), a United States based organization. The SIA is not tied to any advertiser, magazine, trade association, ad club or other outside influence.

The SIA is an independent, international organization focused on creating a community of marketing creativity, effectiveness and excellence. It conducts impartial, 'blind' judging shows and, once completed, it recognizes, celebrates and promotes creative, effective and marketing excellence in those winning companies and individuals.

Its judging process is designed to be impartial and free from outside influences by withholding both the names of the judges on its panels as well as the contestant's names throughout the entire evaluation process. Both judge's and contestant's names are withheld until after award winning entries are selected. This anonymity shelters all involved from any vested interest which may attempt to influence the judges' opinions or the judging process.

Summit International Awards

Shipping & Receiving

2533 NW Pinnacle Drive

Portland , OR 97229 USA

1(503) 297-9979

It is important to include a before and after execution, visibly labeled as such, for all Redesign/Rebrand submissions.

Interactive displays, kiosks, presentations, press events have more flexibility in how they are presented so that we are able to share the project with the the Jury in as realistic way as possible. 
It can be helpful to develop a short video or a PowerPoint in order to help present the project. Other times, entrans have created a  microsite taking the judges through the various phases, etc.

Entries are judged against other submissions in their category instead of compared to an arbitrary standard, creating a true competitive environment. This means that winners not only meet a minimum standard, but truly stand out from the crowd.

Each jury (design, broadcast, interactive) is charged with slightly different criteria, however, in broad strokes, the following are the SCA judging criteria. 

  1. Strength of Concept/Ideation/Big Idea (originality and uniqueness of approach, message targeting and honing, synergy between concept, copy and layout/execution) 1-10 pts
  2. Quality of Execution (How well the idea was executed (visual appeal, tone of voice, chosen media, placement, etc.) 1-5 pts
  3. Ability to Persuade (How well did the creative move the target audience closer to action or a encourage a change in thoughts) 1-5 pts
  4. Judges Power Points (used at the discretion of judges to boost certain submission which they identify as exemplary - 0-5 pts.

Winner items are custom-made per our winners requests. Winner's trophies and certificates are shipped directly from our manufacturers.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for trophies, 3-6 weeks for certificates. Longer in the off-season.

The Summit International Award (SIA) was established in 1994, its mission being to recognize outstanding creative in firms that otherwise are overshadowed by large firms' budgets which dominate most other marketing communications competitions.  Companies with annual budgets exceeding $30 million are excluded from competing in the Summit Creative Award. 

The SIA maintains affordable entry fees (lowest in the marketing awards industry) to allow start-ups and one-person firms the opportunity to enter, as well as firms from countries where the exchange rate or the economic conditions would otherwise make entering cost prohibitive. 

If an entrant is recognized as a winner, there is no additional fee. Many other award shows charge an acceptance fee. With the Summit Award's, once you've won, you've won; there is no additional fee.

If a winner decides they want a trophy, the SIA makes them available for purchase and ordered them from its manufacturer. This offering process allows the Awards to maintain low entry fees and prevent non-winners subsidy of winners choices. 

Some winners choose not to receive a physical memento for their priority is the prestige of recognition and the exposure the comes with it. Others choose to order trophies and/or certificates for individuals on their creative team as well as their client.


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Summit International Awards
PO Box 10003
Portland, OR 97296
United States of America



Are you or a colleague ready to demonstrate your leadership in the industry by serving on the SIA Board of Judges?  

The Summit International Awards puts together high-quality judging teams using its peer-to-peer nomination process. This is one of the primary differences between the SIA and other awards programs and allows SIA winners to celebrate recognition by industry leaders. SIA jury service is a great opportunity to review a wide variety of advertising and other marketing communication from around the world.


In order to ensure impartiality, the awards scores on a curve with minimum standard requirements. Percentage models, or stair-step scoring systems, (100-90, 89-80) are not considered to be reputable evaluation systems by the Summit International Awards.


We seek jurors that have a depth of experience in the industry and a desire to give back. Judges are selected for their industry experience, their ability to recognize exceptional creativity and marketing know-how, and their ability to evaluate submissions according to the guidelines and deadlines set forth by the SIA.

Service opportunities and timing:

Summit Creative Award, May/June

Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, Sept/Oct

Summit Emerging Media Award, Nov/Dec


All Judging is performed online using the SIA secure jury portal. 


Vetted judges are invited for inclusion as a juror. They are assigned specific categories and may work both individually or as part of a team. Judges agree to review all assigned entries using SIA scoring parameters within the given timeline and in an impartial manner. Adherence to the judging guidelines set forth by the SIA is paramount. Evaluations found not adhering to the SIA judging guidelines will be not be included in the results.


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