Congratulations on being a Summit International Award winner. As a winner, the SIA offers it's the unique opportunity to build an SIA hosted, user-controlled Winner Profile under the summitawards domain. Winner Profiles enjoy a permanent URL for backlinks and receive high ranking in Google searches. They also afford winner the opportunity to update the on the fly with images, portfolio, keywords, etc.

Summit International Award's Winner Profiles have proven to be successful promotional tools and being open exclusively to SIA winners you will be in elite company. The SIA-hosted profiles not only provide amply layout and design options but they also help to drive traffic to your main websites. Be sure and take advantage of its full capabilities by using the built-in editor, keywords function and by uploading a visual of your winning entry. As a bonus, our meta tag cloud generator manages the tags and helps sites rise to the top of search engines.

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Making your SIA hosted Profile:

  1. Ensure you're registered on the Summit Awards website (Winner Login button at top of site.) The Online Entry Platform has a different secure login. 
  2. Under your correct award menu (SCA, MEA, EMA).
    a. Choose the category in which your company was recognized.
    b. Click on Add Your Listing Here link.
    c. Fill-in your company information, upload company logo, winning visuals, etc. Don't worry, you will always be able to edit what you submit.
  3. Once complete, simply choose SUBMIT.

After submitting for the first time, our SIA admin reviews the site to confirm your company is a Summit Award winner, runs the meta tag spider and publishes the microsite for public viewing.

Updating: If interested in revising your company's profile,  login, visit the profile page and click on the EDIT button. Make changes and submit. It will be updated on the fly. There is also a blue delete button for if you choose to completely start over.

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Are you or a colleague ready to demonstrate your leadership in the industry by serving on the SIA Board of Judges?  

The Summit International Awards puts together high-quality judging teams using its peer-to-peer nomination process. This is one of the primary differences between the SIA and other awards programs and allows SIA winners to celebrate recognition by industry leaders. SIA jury service is a great opportunity to review a wide variety of advertising and other marketing communication from around the world.


In order to ensure impartiality, the awards scores on a curve with minimum standard requirements. Percentage models, or stair-step scoring systems, (100-90, 89-80) are not considered to be reputable evaluation systems by the Summit International Awards.


We seek jurors that have a depth of experience in the industry and a desire to give back. Judges are selected for their industry experience, their ability to recognize exceptional creativity and marketing know-how, and their ability to evaluate submissions according to the guidelines and deadlines set forth by the SIA.

Service opportunities and timing:

Summit Creative Award, May/June

Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, Sept/Oct

Summit Emerging Media Award, Nov/Dec


All Judging is performed online using the SIA secure jury portal. 


Vetted judges are invited for inclusion as a juror. They are assigned specific categories and may work both individually or as part of a team. Judges agree to review all assigned entries using SIA scoring parameters within the given timeline and in an impartial manner. Adherence to the judging guidelines set forth by the SIA is paramount. Evaluations found not adhering to the SIA judging guidelines will be not be included in the results.


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