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Title: "B-Nexa In-Office Waiting Room Sickness Bags" - Best of Category

We knew a brochure would be little more than additional clutter in an already cluttered waiting room. So we chose to be both informative and functional. Using the medium of airsickness bags, we were able to offer two services—a much-needed receptacle at a much-appreciated time, and an “in-your-hands” demonstration of the very problem B-NEXA resolves. Beyond the medium, our branding, positioning, and messaging were of primary importance. So we also made sure each bag contained one of a series of “Mom Tips” which provided useful diet and lifestyle choices to further ease the discomfort associated with morning sickness (along with a link to our website for more Mom Tips). Lastly, our call to action was to recognize that our target was minutes away from their doctor’s prescription pad. Thus, a “talk to your doctor about managing morning sickness” statement on behalf of B-NEXA proved especially appropriate.



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