Privacy Policy

The Summit International Awards (SIA) will not rent, lease, sell or barter email addresses (or or other contact information) to third parties. As an Entrant you give your written consent to receive the SIA's periodic enewletter. In addition, we will only send you SIA emails directly related to our competitions and upcoming events. Our newsletter is typically monthly, however we do send reminders as we approach competition deadlines. In addition, we may send you occasional invitations to participate in a survey or questionnaire which we use to help improve our operations and services. We follow best practices for email marketing and CAN-SPAM compliance. Translation: Do not click SPAM, simply unsubscribe.

The SIA reserves the right to reclassify incorrectly classified entries. All submissions become the property of the SIA and cannot be returned. We respect and acknowledge the intellectual copyright of the entering firms’ creative work and fully protect those rights.

The SIA respects the privacy of its judges and is grateful for their contribution to our organization and the industry. In adherence to the SIA's blind judging practices, it does not publicly publish jury members prior to winner announcements. We respectfully asks our entrants to not contact judges directly. Should an entrant be curious as to whether a judge had an opinion or feedback regarding a particular entry, we ask our entrants to direct their inquiry to the SIA staff. If direct contact is made with a judge, the SIA may take action to disqualify an entrant from further participation in its programs or strip a winning entry of its status.

Winning entries in any of the SIA competitions can be showcased in various ways. Publication is at the sole discretion of the SIA unless an entrant has made arrangement for confidentiality prior to entering and award.

The SIA will not publicly distribute specific information about winning other than level achieved. Any specific scoring or comments are solely for the internal use of the SIA.

You may unsubscribe at any time from our email list by sending an email to sia (at) or by using the unsubscribe link contained in our newsletters or mailings. However, please note that you will be globally unsubscribed from all three of the SIA's competition notices.

Questions? Concerns?
Contact our Executive Director, Jocelyn Luciano, JocelynL (at)

Terms & Conditions

All entries must be submitted exactly as produced/published/aired and may not be modified for the competition. The SIA presumes all entries are original and the entrant either owns the creative submission or has permission from a client or collaborator to enter for award consideration. In the event an entry is submitted without such privileges, the entry will not be eligible for the competition and entry fees are forfeited. 

Derivative, copycat, agency version and director's cut entries, including ghost clients or spec do not meet the SIA's submission criteria.  In the event of a complaint or suspicion of authenticity by the SIA or its board of judges, the SIA will conduct an internal and/or external inquiry and make final determination of contest eligibility. In the event of an external inquiry, the SIA will ask for and require any detailed documentation to which it deems pertinent. The SIA's decision on eligibility of an entry is final and if and entry is deemed to be ineligible, entry fees are forfeited. 

The SIA organization is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Submission of an entry acknowledges the right of the SIA to use it for exhibition and publication to promote winners in any medium unless specifically specified at the time of submission. Timely submission of an entry that meets all eligibility requirements and payment of the entry fee as stated herein ensures that an entrant's work will be reviewed and considered for recognition, baring any unforeseen exceptions. No other representation or warranty is made by the SIA concerning entries and all implied warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed.

If an entrant's submission receives an award, the manner and details of announcing such nomination and award is strictly within the discretion of the SIA. Entrant understands that all awards may not be given or publicized in the same manner or form.

The SIA reserves final determination on eligibility. By submitting contest application, entry fee and work for review, entrant agrees to the above terms & conditions.

Should an entrant choose to remove a submission from an award, please notify SIA administration immediately. Any refund amount is contingent on spent staff time, administrative resources and judging stage processes. 

Due to the customization process, trophies, plaques and certificates are non-refundable unless we are notified of such prior to midnight of the day of transaction. 





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Are you or a colleague ready to demonstrate your leadership in the industry by serving on the SIA Board of Judges?  

The Summit International Awards puts together high-quality judging teams using its peer-to-peer nomination process. This is one of the primary differences between the SIA and other awards programs and allows SIA winners to celebrate recognition by industry leaders. SIA jury service is a great opportunity to review a wide variety of advertising and other marketing communication from around the world.


In order to ensure impartiality, the awards scores on a curve with minimum standard requirements. Percentage models, or stair-step scoring systems, (100-90, 89-80) are not considered to be reputable evaluation systems by the Summit International Awards.


We seek jurors that have a depth of experience in the industry and a desire to give back. Judges are selected for their industry experience, their ability to recognize exceptional creativity and marketing know-how, and their ability to evaluate submissions according to the guidelines and deadlines set forth by the SIA.

Service opportunities and timing:

Summit Creative Award, May/June

Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, Sept/Oct

Summit Emerging Media Award, Nov/Dec


All Judging is performed online using the SIA secure jury portal. 


Vetted judges are invited for inclusion as a juror. They are assigned specific categories and may work both individually or as part of a team. Judges agree to review all assigned entries using SIA scoring parameters within the given timeline and in an impartial manner. Adherence to the judging guidelines set forth by the SIA is paramount. Evaluations found not adhering to the SIA judging guidelines will be not be included in the results.


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