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The Summit International Awards (SIA) organization is dedicated to furthering excellence in the communications industry. It administers three distinguished award competitions throughout the year with the goal of raising the awareness of companies and individuals who have the creative and marketing talent to go beyond the ordinary.

The SIA is the oldest and most prestigious organization administering awards exclusively for firms with limited billings. Throughout its nineteen-year history, its Creative Award has established itself as one of the premier indicators of creative and communication excellence. Using stringent evaluation criteria and a blind judging processes, its competitions reward only those firms whose work exemplifies the best in its class.

Our organization stands apart by offering a true competitive environment where entries are judged alongside those of their peers, and makes its competitions affordable and accessible to the industry by offering streamlined internet submissions and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Companies from all over the world invest their promotional dollars in the SIA competition for the opportunity to be recognized as a Summit International Awards winner.

Each year the SIA organizes three competitions:


Summit Creative Award


Small and medium-size agencies worldwide produce a great deal of outstanding advertising, yet creative competitions are dominated by large advertising agencies, large clients and large budgets.

Since 1994, the Summit Creative Award has provided a vehicle for creative firms to receive the recognition they have long deserved. This international advertising competition offers participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents alongside similarly positioned agencies, and to have their work judged by experts in the advertising field. Our exclusive award selection process means winners have earned the right to broadcast their achievements far and wide.

Companies and individuals from more than 50 countries and across five continents participate in this prestigious 20-year competition - the first and best of its kind.

Our organization aims to laud the creative work of less-than-huge agencies, and makes competition affordable and accessible. We offer multiple entry discounts, streamlined internet submissions, many ways for winners to celebrate their achievements, and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Award certificates and internet medallions are free to winners, and elegant custom trophies are optionally available.SCA Logo

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Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award


The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (Summit MEA) allows advertising companies to demonstrate their ability to influence consumer's knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.  The business of advertising is about creatively and effectively executing an advertiser's goals, and the Summit MEA gives successful firms an opportunity to highlight their effectiveness.

Advertising and marketing firms face a number of barriers, including small budgets, product quality and pricing, selection, competition, distribution, geo-political and macroeconomic issues. The MEA Award offers agencies an opportunity to present ways they have overcome barriers to deliver a successful campaign.

Winners of the Marketing Effectiveness Award benefit from the prestige associated with Summit International Awards. SIA stands apart by offering a truly competitive environment where entries are judged alongside each other by a professional jury. SIA makes its competitions affordable and accessible to the industry, and offers streamlined internet submissions and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Companies from all over the world invest their promotional dollars for the opportunity to be recognized as a Summit International Award winner.

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Summit Emerging Media Award


Media are changing rapidly. The Summit Emerging Media Award (Summit EMA) evolved through a need to recognize those pushing the bounds of the communication badlands.

Traditional advertising focuses strictly on "the big idea." Today's best advertising needs to break new ground to keep up with rapidly developing technologies and social media. This is the heart of the craft's new form -- one can no longer rely on simple formulaic solutions; only engaging media will compel contemporary audiences.  

This award offers the opportunity for leaders, innovators and visionaries to prove their standing on a global stage. We offer recognition to those who demonstrate keen foresight in emerging media, introduce new methods, and direct and set the pace for emerging media.

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Are you or a colleague ready to demonstrate your leadership in the industry by serving on the SIA Board of Judges?  

The Summit International Awards puts together high-quality judging teams using its peer-to-peer nomination process. This is one of the primary differences between the SIA and other awards programs and allows SIA winners to celebrate recognition by industry leaders. SIA jury service is a great opportunity to review a wide variety of advertising and other marketing communication from around the world.


In order to ensure impartiality, the awards scores on a curve with minimum standard requirements. Percentage models, or stair-step scoring systems, (100-90, 89-80) are not considered to be reputable evaluation systems by the Summit International Awards.


We seek jurors that have a depth of experience in the industry and a desire to give back. Judges are selected for their industry experience, their ability to recognize exceptional creativity and marketing know-how, and their ability to evaluate submissions according to the guidelines and deadlines set forth by the SIA.

Service opportunities and timing:

Summit Creative Award, May/June

Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award, Sept/Oct

Summit Emerging Media Award, Nov/Dec


All Judging is performed online using the SIA secure jury portal. 


Vetted judges are invited for inclusion as a juror. They are assigned specific categories and may work both individually or as part of a team. Judges agree to review all assigned entries using SIA scoring parameters within the given timeline and in an impartial manner. Adherence to the judging guidelines set forth by the SIA is paramount. Evaluations found not adhering to the SIA judging guidelines will be not be included in the results.


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